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In a country of 5.6 million hectares, almost 5.3 million hectares of hunting grounds exist. Hunting Adventure has selected the best hunting grounds for you for hunting big game.

If you are an eager trophy hunter then we have the best of what Croatia has to offer.

Tikveš, Breznica, Spačva and Papuk are some of the best hunting grounds with many years of experience in the management of red deer and can offer excellent hunting service, plenty of red stags with beautiful trophies.
May 1, known throughout the world as Labor Day, but in "our" world of hunters, it is the long expected opening time of the roe buck season. Our hunting grounds are located in the Međimurje region in the north of Croatia, only one hour driving from Zagreb. There we have access to more than 20,000 ha of hunting grounds. Another big hunting ground is between the cities of Bjelovar and Daruvar, one of 15,000 ha in our offer.

Croatia offers some of the world's best driven hunts on wild boars. Here it's not uncommon for a group of 10 - 12 hunters to take 80 - 120 wild boars during a three days driven hunt.

We have more than 70 000 Ha of hunting grounds, both partially fenced (never less than 1000Ha) or open area. Every hunting day is also organized in a different hunting area. In Croatia we offer phased packages with a fixed price including "keilers".

There is a great demand for driven hunts in Croatia, if you would like to go for the bigger bags in the best areas, we advise you to book well in advance, preferably a year in advance.
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