Snow-capped mountain peaks, crystal clear lakes, rushing streams, highlands and meadows, unique flora and fauna form this small country. Once a stop for traders and travelers along the Great Silk Road, it was an oasis and a welcome relief after crossing dangerous mountain passes on their way to China.
It was precisely this road that the famous Venetian explorer Marco Polo had brought to these countries to later discover the world's largest and most magnificent sheep in 1273. This sheep, Marco Polo, had horns "three, four and even six palms long". That is why they still hold an almost mythical status for every trophy hunter to this day.

In the huge mountains that this beautiful country is rich, we hunt on horseback and spend the night in tents. How much closer can you stand to the purity of nature !?

To end up at home with a beautiful ibex, wolf or Marco Polo trophy.
Each year Hunting Adventure sends more and more European hunters to Kyrgyzstan for this unique adventure.